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5 Reasons You Need A Pizza Stone

5 Reasons You Need A Pizza Stone

We have put together our five reasons why you should own a pizza stone.  

Reason Number 5

They get better with use.  After a couple of uses of your pizza stone, you will notice that the surface of the pizza stone will enhance the flavors and textures of the pizza dough.  

Reason Number 4

Although we call these stones pizza stones, the stones have multiple uses.  You can cook fish, breads or pasteries, giving you the ability to create a perfect crispy crust.

Reason Number 3

Pizza stones are easy to maintain and store.  We store our pizza stones in the oven or near the grill.  You do not need to use any chemical to maintain or clean the pizza stones.  You simply scrap or brush off the surface.  You can also wipe off the surface with a damp cloth.

Reason Number 2

You can not only cook more than just pizza, but you can use the pizza stone on your grill or set up a stand and cook on a camp fire.  

Reason Number 1

The number one reason to own a pizza stone is the heat factor.  You can cook with much higher heat allowing you to cook the pizza dough to perfection.

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