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Professional Perforated Pizza Peel

Professional Perforated Pizza Peel

Pizza Peels: Simply the Best of the Best

Like our professionally made solid head peels, these handsome perforated peels are professionally constructed, extremely strong, easy to use, maintain and long lasting.  They have an additional benefit.  It could pay for itself the more you use it.  You need a peel that makes quick work of pizza making; minimizing sticking pizza dough and waste while at the same time increasing profits without increasing labor costs.  You can master these professional peels.
These perforated peels take the benefits of a solid peel head one step further.  The aluminated peel is extremely strong (undergoing the same anodized process as the solid heads), but with even less surface area to cause unnecessary dough sticking. 
The primary benefit of the perforations is that you will use significantly less cornmeal or flour to assist in releasing the dough from the preparation table and peel.  If you make 500 pizzas a day, you will experience significant savings over a year’s time.
A perforated peel, as opposed to a solid head peel, can make your pizzas even taste better.  The peel is specifically designed to cause the base flour to easily fall from the base of the pizza as you remove the pizza from the workstation to the pizza oven.  Removing more flour means you minimize, if not eliminate, any burnt flour or cornmeal taste.  You also keep your pizza oven cleaner.
Cheap wooden peels even with metal handles are prone to break after only a couple uses.  Stainless steel peel heads will corrode more easily with repeated use.   By investing in a quality metal peel, you have a highly functional pizza tool for years, saving you time in having to find a replacement.  This peel may cost a few dollars more but it is well worth the investment.  Not all metal aluminum peels are equal in quality and durability.  
Our peel’s aluminum head undergoes a proven anodized process that not only chemically hardens the aluminum (it is harder than stainless steel), but also creates a flexible, smoother surface making it less porous than ordinary aluminum peels.  The perforated surface further reduces peel head’s surface area, which means even less area for sticking dough.  This pizza peel will absorb even less water with fewer microscopic crevices to draw out the water from the dough.  This is all the peel you will ever need. 
Professionals all over the world use these peels on a daily basis, slinging hundreds of thousands of pizzas daily.  Now that’s a lot of pizza.  These peels are designed for fast, efficient use.  As a result of the extra smooth, less porous surface, coupled with the peel’s beveled front edge that is tapered to a fine point (making it superior to any wooden peel), this peel will show less signs of daily wear and tear.  It will last longer.  You will effortlessly slide your pizzas from workstation to oven, then to serving area with ease. 
You want a strong, lightweight but flexible peel.  These peels are specifically designed to meet the needs of the professional pizza maker.  The aluminum handle is a slow conductor of heat, which means you can store the peel on top of the pizza oven without worry of over heating.  Alternatively, you can store them on a specially designed pizza peel rack for easy access when cooking your pizzas.
Our best seller is the 14-inch round head with the 47-inch handle, though we sell plenty of 13-inch round and/or rectangle heads with 20-inch handle.
We recognize that shipping long handles can be an issue for some businesses.  We know it’s an expense for us.  We do our best to provide you with the least expensive shipping method available.  We value your business.  If you order two or more peels, with any head or handle size, we will offer you a special shipping rate.  Have questions, contact us directly (support@bestpizzasupplies.com), and we can tell you more or we can discuss a deal on shipping.
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