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Emile Henry Baking Pizza Stone for the Grill
Emile Henry Baking Pizza Stone for the Grill
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Emile Henry Baking Stone

The Emile Henry Baking Pizza Stone is great on the grill and in a conventional ovens.  We have even grilled pancakes on this stone.  I grill a lot and thought it was tricky, but I was able to have a pancake breakfast on our porch one Sunday morning while my wife read the paper and the boys played ball.

Whether in the oven or on the grill, it heats up in 15 minutes, provides the even, radiant heat essential to a perfect crispy crust for pizzas and baked goods.  We have cooked rolls on this ceramic cookware.  Even after cooking on an open flame, it cleans easily (though it did require some scrubbing), and is dishwasher safe.  Its durable glazed surface will withstand cutting and serving tools. This beautiful baking and grilling stone has built-in handles and comes in four different, stylish colors.

We also love the other Emile Henry products.  We have used the oil cruet that is glazed and comes in a number of great colors.  Click here to learn more about the oil cruets.

Emile Henry has a long tradition

Since 1850, the Henry family has been making this high-quality Emile Henry Grilling Baking Stone in Marcigny, France. Due to their new proprietary Flame technology, this versatile handcrafted clay Emile Henry Grilling/Baking Stone is safe on the grill and stove top as well as in the oven. The micro-crazed, flame-top glaze makes for easy removal of pizzas or any baked or grilled item.

We recommend that you place Emile Henry Grilling Baking Pizza Stone on your table with a trivet as it will retain heat.  We will replace it free if it breaks for up to two years!

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