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FibraMent is the best material you can use in commercial ovens and even on your gas or charcoal grill for home use.  This is a versatile product because it can be used in 4 different ways: home use, on your grill, in a table top convection oven and in the large commercial pizza ovens.  Which one is right for you?  We can help you decide.

FibraMent was created about 23 years ago in response to bakers' demands for a better baking surface.   It was patently manufactured to withstand a tremendous amount of heat and can easily withstand temperatures of approximately 1000 degrees F.  These are temperatures most pizza ovens achieve to make great pizza. 

Restaurants have been using this technology for years and now you can use this same technology at home. 

The home versions are 3/4" thick, which is thicker than most pizza stones or baking stones.   If you have a pizza oven, you can use FibraMent stones to replace the cooking surface you have now.  If you are building your own wood fired pizza oven, you can use this as the floor of your oven.  In many cases, we have customers who replaced concrete asbetos cooking surfaces in their pizza ovens with this material.

FibraMent has been safety tested and has the NSF International certification to guarantee its safe use for cooking pizza and baking breads.

Please measure your oven or grill before ordering to ensure a good fit.  If you need assistance, contact us.

This pizza stone for grilling is easy to clean, simply brush excess crumbs off with your pizza peel.

Our grilling pizza stones are made from material that will draw moisture from your pizza’s dough as it cooks, resulting in a crispy, crunchy crust. The grilling pizza stone does this more effectively because it is able to withstand more extreme heat than a pizza pan or some other pizza cooking tool.

Not only does this baking stone crisp the crust, this pizza stone allow your pizzas to cook long enough without burning so the cheese gets bubbling hot and your toppings are heated through.

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