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Wood-Burning Pizza Oven Starter Kit
Wood-Burning Pizza Oven Starter Kit
Wood-Burning Pizza Oven Starter Kit

Wood-Burning Pizza Oven Starter Kit

Many customers ask us what would we recommend as the best tools for a home-based wood-burning pizza oven. Luckily, we have visited a number of restaurants with wood-burning ovens and watched pizza-makers use tools they purchased from us. We have talked to trained pizzaioli and want to share their suggestions with you.

Oven Tools:

The andiron we offer measures 19 x 8 x 12." It is made with untreated steel and will allow you to create efficient fires. CLICK HERE to learn more.

You may also want to use a barrier. This will contain the ash and embers. It is also made with untreated steel and measures 44 x 4." CLICK HERE to see this item.

Oven Accessories:
With a wood-burning oven, the combination of a brush, rake, and shovel will allow you to maintain the oven's clean baking surface and create an efficient heat. We offer galvanized rakes and shovels, but we have heard very high praise for the professional grade rakes and shovels from Italy.
CLICK HERE to learn about the rakes and CLICK HERE to learn about the shovels. Based on the depth of the oven you have, we would recommend 59" handles so that you can get to the back of the oven with ease.
As for a brass bristle brush, we would recommend the 8" head brush with a 59" handle. CLICK HERE to see this item and other options.

Pizza Peels:

We recommend a pizza peel and a pizza turning peel. The pizza peel with a 16" head will hold 16" pizzas and allow you to transfer them from a prep space to the oven. While all the pizza tools work well, we suggest the perforated rectangular pizza peel as you can maneuver it under any shape pizza. The perforations allow less flour or cornmeal to be used to make the dough transferable thereby improving the taste of the crust. Oftentimes excess flour or cornmeal burns on the bottom of the pizza crust and results in an unappetizing flavor. The handle length is determined by the space of your prep area. CLICK HERE to see the pizza peels and review the options.

A pizza turning peel will allow you to move the pizza around within the oven. Our most popular seller is the perforated 8" head with a 59" handle. CLICK HERE to learn about the turning peels.
We offer a pizza peel rack too. It can carry up to two peels and can be mounted near the oven or in a storage space. CLICK HERE to see it.

Other Accessories:
Accessories we would suggest for you include a cutting guide board. The BPS Portion Padl listed below for $124.95 has a flat work surface on one side - perfect for topping prep - and a cutting guide on the other side. It is created with a durable wood composite and is dishwasher safe (if it will fit into your dishwasher). You won't have the hassle of "Who gets the larger slice and who settles for the smaller one?" when you use this cutting guide board.

We have these boards custom made to suit your needs. For a 16" round pizza, you could order any of the 16" pizza sized ones listed
HERE. The cutting guide board itself will be 3" larger than the 16" centering circle and has a handle for easy use. We would suggest that you order this size: 16 Slice one side - 10, 12, 13, 14, 15 & 16 inch centering circles ($124.95)

As for options for cutting the pizza, you could go with a rotary cutter or a rocker cutter. The rotary cutter is very popular with people and has a replaceable wheel that can be resharpened. CLICK HERE to learn more.

The rocker knife is made from the same material as the cutting guide board and works very well for a wider range of pizza-makers. For instance, our young son, who is 7, can easily cut pizza with it on his own whereas we wouldn't want him to use the rotary cutter without supervision. With the way that the rocker cutter is created with openings for your fingers, you can really cut quickly and easily with a rocking motion too. HERE is the information about this item.

A stainless steel flat-bottomed ladle is also very handy.
CLICK HERE to see this item.

You may also be interested in a roller docker and a steel hook. They are very useful when eliminating bubbles in the dough. CLICK HERE for information on the roller docker and HERE for information about the steel hook.

A final suggestion is an oil cruet. They are most often used by us when adding oil to a recipe or skillet, using oil on a white pizza, drizzling oil on a baked pizza, and oiling a storage container for unbaked dough. We use two Copper oil cruets (one- and two-pint sizes), and their Old World, handmade feel gives each one its own personality. We have also seen them in use in restaurants. CLICK HERE to see the Copper Oil Cruets.

For a splash of color, the Emile Henry ceramic ones are very popular with our customers. We have a wide array, and the most popular colors are red, white, and olive green.
CLICK HERE to see the olive green one. To find the other options, kindly CLICK HERE.
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