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Aluminum Pizza Peel

Aluminum Pizza Peel

What Pizza Peel Should You Use?

What Pizza Peel Should You Use?

Solid Aluminum Pizza Peel

The Best Wooden or Aluminum Pizza Peel

What makes a great pizza peel? It is essentially a “large spatula” with an extended handle allowing you to transfer the dough to and from the intense heat of the oven easily and safely.  There are some features and qualities that you should consider when comparing the different types of pizza peels.  Whether your are considering a turning pizza peel, a perforated aluminum pizza peel or a wooden pizza peel, it should easily slide under your dough without sticking or requiring too much flour or cornmeal. 

We use primarily a perforated pizza peel.  It is light weight and the beveled edge allows us to easily slide it under our prepared pizza.  We also have a solid aluminum pizza peel.  I like the feel of the peel.  It seems more sturdy and stronger than the perforated peel.  However, the perforated peel handles perfectly find some of our most topping loaded pizzas. 

We have just recently been considering a wooden peel.  After using metal peels for so long, we do notice the thickness of the peel.  It feels good in our hands when we are using it, but we are still testinging it to consider its strenghts and weaknesses.  wooden pizza peel with long handle

There are many different types of pizza peels.  It can be made of wood, wood composite, aluminum, stainless steel or a mixture of materials (metal and wood).  Different peels can be used for different tasks.  For example, a turning pizza peel is designed to turn the pizza while it bakes in the oven; it can be used to move the pizza closer to or farther from from the heat or closer to the opening so it can be manuevered onto a larger pizza peel.

Perforated Aluminum Pizza Peel

One fantastic pizza peel you can buy is a perforated aluminum pizza peel.  It is made in Italy for professionals and is perfectly designed.  The perforated peel is made of anodized aluminum, which makes it extremely strong.  The anodized process causes more metal particulates to reach the outer surface, which create a smoother and non-porous peel head than you would have with other metal peels.  The perforated peel head is thin but sturdy.  You do not need to do any prep work on these perforated aluminum pizza peel.  The best prep area is on a marble surface.  You then quickly slide your perforated aluminum pizza peel under the dough to transfer to the oven.  The perforated peel head is what separates this it from others.  You are able to use less flour or cornmeal below the pizza dough when preparing your pizza, which saves you money while increasing productivity.  These aluminum peels also come in solid heads.
Whether perforated or solid, they come all kinds of sizes from 6-inch to 20-inch heads.  You can also get handles as long as 79 inches (this is a special order item).  But we have handles from 20 inches, 47 inches, 59 inches, and 70 inches in stock and ready to ship to you.

Turning Pizza Peels

Our turning pizza peels are our most popular sellers.  In the hands of a pizzaiolo, turning pizza peels are used primarily to turn the pizza around so it will evenly cook in the oven.  These peels are made from the same sturdy construction as the larger perforated pizza aluminum peel and work extremely well. 
The turning pizza peels are a great when rotating your pie while baking, and ,if your pie is small, removing the piping hot pizza safely without touching the hot cooking surface.  These peels have a smooth-sliding and heat-resistant hard plastic handle to allow you to easily move your pizzas or loaves in and out of the pizza oven.  When using the turning peel with a wood-burning oven, you can also  move hot coals to help you maintain a hot fire.

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