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BestPizzaSupplies:  Pizza Cutting Guide Board, the original Portion PadLTM

This Pizza Cutting Board can be custom made to whatever size your pizza business requires.  Just contact us.

This Pizza Cutting Guide Pays for itself when you sell Pizza by the Slice.

Poorly cut pizza will impact your bottom line.  When your customer opens the pizza box and sees poorly cut pizza, the customer will have a negative impression of your pizza regardless how it tastes.  Cutting pizza slices perfectly everytime means you will sell more pizza because you do not have the smaller pizzas to sell.

When you sell all equal pizza slices, which is easy to do when using this pizza cutting guide board, you will increase your profits by a minimum of $1.25 per slice times 6 or $7.50 a day.  That is $52.50 in profit weekly. In three weeks, you will save $157.50, which is the cost of this pizza cutting guide.

After a year of owning your pizza cutting guide, you have increased corporate profits by a minimum of $367.50.

What other custom made pizza cutting board will pay for its self in only 3 weeks and can immediately increase your bottom line yearly profits by $367.50 or more?


I Sell Whole Pizzas…Why Should I care About Equal Pizza Slices?

“You never get a second chance to make a first impression.”

When your regular customer or new customer opens their pizza box and sees a poorly cut pizza, what impression do you think they have when they first look at their pizza? It takes only one customer to be turned off from a poorly cut pizza for them to never return. It takes only one picture of a poorly cut pizza to be posted to a website to damage your pizza business’s reputation.


• NSF Approved Food Safe Material
• Resists Harboring Bacteria
• Made in the USA
• Durable
• Dishwasher Safe
• Easy to Manually Clean

Can you afford not to make a good first impression?

Pizza Cutting Guide Board
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Pizza Cutting Guide: Portion PadL

Our Pizza Cutting Board, the original Portion Padl, is the best pizza cutting board available throughout the pizza industry. 

Pizzerias all over the world use the Portion Padl to ensure perfectly cut pizza slices every time, which immediately creates a visually more appealing pizza for your customer. 

The Portion Padl is user friendly, extremely durable and versatile.  It is manufactured for use in commercial restaurant kitchens.  Our cutting board, made in the USA, is designed to resist most strains and chipping.  The surface is extremely strong and will not dull your knives.   An added benefit of using the Padl is that each slices will be consistent throughout in calories, fats and grams, which is important for school programs. The Padl will keep you on track during the busy lunch and dinner hours without diminishing the quality of your pizza slice.

How to buy the Portion Padl?

When ordering this pizza cutting board, you need to tell us two things:  The pizza size/slice combination.  Pizza size/slice combinations vary throughout the country.  We have listed our most popular combinations. 

We will custom make your own pizza board in any pizza size/slice combination at no extra charge.  Place your order by emailing us at support@bestpizzasupplies.com.

We also offer VOLUME DISCOUNTS, just Contact Us

The Cutting Boards also come in square and rectangle shapes.  These peels are great for sheet pizzas, subs and more.  Handsomely designed so they can also be used a serving trays. 


Just got my second Portion PadL so I can now cut 8 slice & 12 slice pies perfectly for my school lunch Programs. The Portion PadL’s are durable, and I am very pleased with their performance and craftsmanship. I never have complaints about the size of the slices I sell now.

Rick K. Drury
Precinct Pizza of Channelside
Tampa, Florida

The cutting board is a great addition to our kitchen!  We would like to order 2 more.

Hollis O'Neill
La Nova Pizzeria
Buffalo, New York

See the TV commercial below highlighting our Pizza Cutting Board for a national chain store.



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