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Pizza Peel

Pizza Peel


You do not want a cheap wooden pizza peel.  You will find that it will simply ruin your pizza making experience.  Wooden pizza peels will draw out too much moisture from the pizza dough causing it to stick to the peel and making it difficult to transfer from the pizza peel to the cooking surface.   During the transfer you find that you topping have fallen off, the cheese is on the pizza stone and all you are left with is a mess.

You can try and minimize the moisture problem by using cornmeal or flour to prevent the dough from sticking.  For cheap wooden pizza peels, you will find yourself needing too much giving your pizza crust a bad cornmeal or flour taste.  And that is bad.


The pizza peels made by Epicurean and GI Metal are far superior to those of the cheap wooden pizza peels.  You may spend a little more, but the easy use and your ultimate experience in making the pizza is totally worth the price.

A pizza peel is essentially a “large spatula” with an extended handle allowing you to easily and safely transfer homemade pizza dough to and from the intense heat of the surface of the pizza stone.  When it comes to pizza peels, you have a few options.  


If you still want the look of a wooden pizza peel, then you should consider the Epicurean pizza peel.  The Epicurean pizza peel board is made of a revolutionary wood composite that easily transfers the dough with minimal use of cornmeal or flour.  

You will find that you will use your Epicurean pizza peel not just for pizza stones.  (Just as you will find, your pizza stone is not just pizza).  

This pizza peel can double as a cutting board.  The Epicurean pizz peel can be used to make breads and other baked good.  The material used to make the Epicurean Pizza Peel is extremely hard and easy to clean.  If you intend to use the Epicurean Pizza Peel as a cutting board, you might consider the peel without a handle so that the pizza peel lies flat on the surface for easier cutting.

Like pizza stones, pizza peels will definitely enhance your homemade pizza making experience because using it will help you make exceptional pizza easier.  Before you know it, you will be making your own homemade pizza dough, tossing it by hand, slapping it onto your peel for a perfect pizza-making surface, spreading your own sauce covered with healthy toppings, and easily sliding it onto your pizza stone.  In minutes, you will have a pizzeria style pizza at home.  

The GI Metal line of pizza peels are world class.  These pizza peels are designed and manufactured in Italy.  And the peels come in a variety of shape and sizes depending on your needs.  The GI Metal Pizza Peels are made from stainless steel construction or with aluminated materials, for ease of use and will be long lasting.  GI Metal makes a solid pizza peel and a perforated peel both are lightweight and extremely durable. 


The perforated GI Metal Pizza Peel is the best you will find.  The perforation is the superior method for preventing the pizza dough from sticking to your pizza peel.  Little or no  cornmeal or flour is necessary to prevent sticking of the pizza dough.  You can stretch the pizza dough directly onto the pizza peel, put on your toppings and slide nicely onto the pipinghot pizza stone in you oven.  The perforated pizza peel is our best seller and our customers rave about it.

"We have not had much luck transfering our dough when using wooden pizza peels, but now that we have the GI Metal perforated pizza peels, our pizza just glides onto our pizza stone.  And because this pizza peel is thin than wooded pizza peels, it is easier to slip the peel under the pizza when taking the pizza out of the oven."


A popular item is othe GI Metal Turning Pizza Peel.  You use this for the pizza oven to easily turn the pizza around so it will evenly cook.  This pizza peel is made from the same sturdy construction as the standard pizza peel and work extremely well.

Whether crafted of wood, aluminum, or composite materials, use the peel as the pizza-making surface to create your homemade pizza, then use the peel to slide it onto the pizza stone.  The peel is a great tool to rotate the pizza while baking, and when ready, use the peel to remove the piping hot pizza safely without handling the hot cooking surface.

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