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Pizza Stones

If you want a pizza stone for your oven, anything will do.  We have found the a simple travertine tile found at your local Home Depot or Tile store will work.  They are inexpensive.  We purchased a 18 in. by 18 in. travertine stone for about $8.98.  Although they are cheap substitutes, you do have some trade offs.  They should be safe to use when cooking.  Know that no government agency has approved travertine tiles for cooking use.  They will crack.  And depending when they crack, you will need to purchase another one.  This is not to say that quality pizza stones do not crack.  We had an Emile Henry crack on us.  We contacted our supplier.  She was rather surprised and sent us a new one free of charge.  You will not have that type of guarantee with a substitute one.  The biggest draw back that we see in purchasing a cheap one is that you cannot grill with them.  You can grill with a good quality one in the conventional oven or on your the grill.  For serious pizza lovers, you can go with the cheap stone and limited because it will break and cannot be successfully used on the grill, or go with a quality grilling stone.

Grilling Stones

Grilling stones are superior to the homemade or pizza stone substitutes.  Why?  They are built to last and are designed to take on a tremendous amount of heat.  Not all pizza stones are equal.  They come is all kinds of sizes and materials.  And yes, you can buy a travertine tile and turn it into one.  When you use a quality stone, you will transform your pizza-making experience.  You can make a typical oven into a pizza oven simply by using the right type of pizza stone.

FibraMent-D Pizza Stone, Emile Henry pizza stone, Red Sky Grilling Pizza Stone, or Soapstone pizza stone will definitely transform your conventional oven into an Old World oven.  Designed to absorb intense heat, these stones cook the crust evenly and create the “rise” typically achieved by professional ovens.

These pizza stones are each made with different material making them uniquely crafted to draw moisture from your dough as it cooks, resulting in a crispy, crunchy crust.

FibraMent-D, Red Sky Grilling, Emile Henry or Soapstone will transform your conventional oven or grill into a pizza oven.  They do this more effectively because they are able to withstand extreme heat without cracking.   Not only does it crisp the crust, our FibraMent D or Soapstone ones, for examples, allow pizza to cook just long enough without burning so the cheese gets bubbling hot and your toppings are heated through while maintaining a crispy, chewy crust.

Although the cooking surface (like Red Sky Grilling) is a key element, the pizza ingredients are also important.  You will need the right class of flour (class 00 is best), a well-balanced sauce, and the right proportion of toppings. 

These stones withstand the high heat necessary to help you create pizzeria-style pie.  You are able to use Emile Henry (which can be used as for grilling or baking), Red Sky Grilling and FibraMent-D on gas or charcoal grills and in your oven.  They come in a variety of shapes, sizes, and materials to fit your kitchen and your pizza-making needs.
The Emile Henry or Soapstone are not just for dough.  They can be used to create a delicious, crispy crust on breads, bagels, and other baked goods while maintaining a soft interior.

The Emile Henry pizza stone and Red Sky Grilling pizza stone, for example, are ready to use immediately while the Fibrament D pizza stone and the beautiful Soapstone pizza stone require some careful but easy preparation before use.  We have instruction videos and written instructions to guide you every step of the way for proper pizza stone use.
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