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Rocker Knife
Rocker Knife
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Rocker Knife

Created from the same wood composite material as the cutting guide boards we offer, this Rocker Knife is the perfect tool for pizza-makers of all ages. Rather than have to supervise our 6 year-old with a sharp rotary cutter or knife, we let him use the Rocker Knife. It fits easily in to the cutting guide board grooves, and with one pass, the pizza slices are created.  The openings in the Rocker Knife allow you to really get an excellent grip on it, and by rocking through the pizza, toppings and cheese don't travel with the cutter edge.

The material used to create the Rocker Knife is NSF food safe approved and dishwasher safe. These are proudly made in the USA and would be an outstanding gift for any pizza-maker.

It can be used on an surface for any basic cutting too. We have used it to chop green peppers and other soft vegetables. It could also be used to cut sandwiches, calzones, and foccaccia.

We offer two cutting surface sizes: 14" and 17" - we recommend that you choose the size that is slightly larger than your average pizza so that it works most efficiently.
Customer Reviews

Customer Reviews

Average rating from 1 reviews: 5.0
Customer Service is Great!We had a problem with receiving our order due to USPS. Yvonne provided excellent customer service in sending a replacement out immediately. Appreciate the knowledge and quality of service they offer to their customers. Written by J. Johns-- The Caboose Pizza on Wed 5 Nov 2014 11:01:59 PM GMT
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