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Copper Oil Cruet
Copper Oil Cruet
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Beautiful Handmade Copper Oil Cruet from the Old World

This beautifully handmade copper oil cruet (or oil can) with brass decorative accent touches is a wonderful addition to your kitchen. This old world Oilera (in Italian) is the best oil cruet you can buy. All three versions have charming irregularities that makes it exquisite.  As you can see, it has a classic design that is extremely functional for drizzling your favorite oil over your pizza or anything else.  All the oil cruets are crafted in Italy and will add charm and a little bit of Europe to your kitchen.

These oil cruets come in one pint, two pint and three pint sizes.  We use our two pint oil cruet all the time in the kitchen.  We love the look and smooth and even flow of our extra virgin olive oil when making our pizza or preparing sauces.  Some customers have mentioned that the lid for the one pint oil cruet constantly falls off.  We have not experienced this problem.  We make sure that the lid is secure before we ship.  But if you have one and you have this problem, we suggest that you ues it like a teapot - simply hold the lid down to drizzle your oil.  If that is not to your liking, know that we guarantee your full satisfaction.  If you want to return the oil cruet, you can.  We will either refund your money or send you a new one.

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