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Brass Brush Long Handles
pizza oven brush
Brass Brush Long Handles
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Pizza Oven Brush with Brass Bristles

The pizza oven brush is an essential useful tool.  To ensure qualify pizza baking, uour pizza oven needs to be clean.  These professional brass brushes help you to avoid flour build up, which means you will not burn your pizza dough base.

Brush Handle

These brushes are made with sturdy tubular aluminum handles and brass bristles.  They are available with two standard handle lengths (47" and 59").  However, if you needs a different size, we can get you any sized brush length you require.

Brass Brush Head

The brass brush head come in 8-inch or 10 inch in lengths.  The brass bristles are 2 inches long, durable and long lasting despite regular use.  The brush head is adjustable.  You can swivel the brush head on the screw so that the brush head is flush with the handle or perpendicular to the handle.  There is also a scraper on the opposite side of the brass bristle to ease cleaning of difficult areas.

Replacement Brush Heads

You can also replace the pizza oven brush head when it wares out.  We have the replacement parts.  This means you will have a quality brush with a long handle.  When replacing the brissle brush, you do not have the buy a complete brush, you can just buy the head and save on shipping.
  • Our brushes enable quick, effective cleaning of refactory stone from food residues, the flour left by the pizza in the oven (unless perforated peels are used, which do not require it) and ash.
  • The variety of lenghts available mean that all areas of all ovens can be reached.  The adjustable brushes increase the practicality and efficiency of cleaning.
  • The brass bristles are more efficient and invasive than other types of brushes.  The natural bristle brushes are more delicate for continuious cleaning with complete peace-of-mind.
  • The scraper can remove any residues that have burnt onto the stone.
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