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GHA Professional Perforated Pizza Peel Round Head
GHA Professional Perforated Pizza Peel Round Head
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These professionally constructed, extremely durable and long lasting peels are specially designed for the high volume professional pizza-maker.  The benefit of the perforations is that the dough has less surface area which minimizes sticking. 

  • GHA - Hygenic & Hard-Wearing. GHA (Golden Hard Anodizing) is a special treatment of Japanese origin. It is an anode oxidisation with subsequent sealing of the micro-pores using sliver ions, resulting in an aluminum alloy with superlative performance and characteristics.
  • ADVANTAGES: Slides easily (reducing friction), Hygienic (high anti-bacterial and anti-mould capacity), Long lasting, Resistant to heat, corrosion, impact & wear, Golden Color.
  • HARD-WEARING AND SECURE: THE THREE RIVETS. The head-handle joint consists of the overlay of two elements secured by three large rivets in line, to guarantee complete safety and no movement.
  • THE PEEL THAT SETS A TREND. This treatment penetrates the alloy and, although it cannot be removed, with use will undergo minor color changes that give the tool a more vintage look.
  • ERGONOMIC. The peel handles are in an oval tubular design to increase stability.
  • SLIDES TWICE AS EASILY: Perforations and low friction treatment. The head of GHA peels is completely perforated with holes that have been specifically designed to release flour, preventing it from becoming stuck to the bottom of the pizza and risking burning. GHA treatment makes it self-lubricating, drastically reducing friction. It GUARANTEES perfect insulation of the hands from the heat and a specific fitting on the handle base can block the interim element and make it available up high when the pizza peel is rested head down.
The GHA Pizza Peels have been recognized by the regulations of the AVPN - Assocazione Verace Pizza Napoletana.

Which is the Best Peel?

With this peel, you cannot go wrong.  The head of the peel should extend about 1 inch beyond your pizza.  If you typically make 12 inch pizzas, use a 13 inch peel head.  If you make 17 inch pizzas, use a 18 inch head peel.  The length of the handle is intended for safety to keep you from a flame or the intense heat of the oven.  Ideally, the longer the handle, the better.   Understand, the longer the handle, the more it will cost to ship.  Contact Us if you need assistance when choosing the right peel or with shipping questions.

                                                                                                                               SHIPPING THOUGHTS

Shipping costs can be minimized when shipped to a commercial address.  We have been shipping these peels for years all over the world.  We have perfected our packing method.  If you find that the shipping costs are too high, please contact us.  We will work with you to find the best and most cost-effective shipping method.
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