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Pizza Cutting Board with Rocker Knife Combo Set
Pizza Cutting Board with Rocker Knife Combo Set
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Pizza Cutter Guide Board and Rocker Knife

Volume discounts available.

We love pizza, and we love making pizza at home.  Make pizza night fun and use the right pizza-making tools.

When we have pizza night at our house, we bring out all of our pizza-making tools.  We started selling Gourmet Pizza Supplies because we think it is more fun making pizza when you have the right tools.

We recently used the Portion PadL at one of our Pizza Nights.  It was a great addition.  We used it to prepare the toppings because the backside can be used as a cutting board.  Our kids used the Rocker Knife to cut up the veggies.  We found it much safer than having them use a steel knife.  The Rocker Knife cut right through and because of the handle design the little fingers were safe.  When we turned the Portion PadL over, our youngest boy cut the pizza with ease.  We have had him cut pizza before, but we used either a rolling cutter or another version of the Rocker. But it usually ended in a mess. But this combo is perfect. The groove in combination with the handled Rocker Knife allowed our youngest to cut the pizza in equal sizes! No more fighting over the biggest slice!
Pizza Cutting Guide Board


This BPS Pizza Portion PadL (tm) is high quality pizza peel, pizza cutter board and pizza server that can also serve a cutting board when flipped over (it retails for $84.95).  
The Rocker Knife (it retails for $39.95) cuts through pizza and veggies.  
Pizza Cutter
The Portion PadL is a great Pizza Peel PadL is made from a wood-composite material.  This Peel is durable and handsomely made.  
The unique feature of this Pizza Peel is that you will cut your pizza in equal slices every time.  This Pizza Peel Paddle has specially designed grooves. 
What you do is simply set the Rocker Knife in the grooves and push.  
The Rocker Knife is sharp enough to cut through the pizza, but safe enough so that your kids can do it.  

The Pizza Portion PadL and Rocker Knife are dishware safe and NSF food safe approved.  The Pizza Peel Portion PadL is heat resistant up to 350 degrees. 

You can turn the Portion PadL over and use it as a cutting board or serving platter.  

It really has many different functions.  
You can also use it as a pizza peel because we have beveled the front portion for sliding your pizza off the pizza stone.  
The circles on the Portion PadL allow you to place your pizza within the circle and then cut your pizza at the center for equal pizza slices.   

The Rocker Knife is a wonderful way of slicing up the pizza.  We find that when using a roller or some other type of utensil when cutting the pizza, it will gunk up with cheese or you never get the same cut twice. A large food manufacturer uses the Rocker Knife as a promotion for school pizza lunches.  They pass out the Rocker Knife to children so the children can cut their own pizzas.  

It is scratch-resistant and can also be used as a cutting board when prepping toppings for your pizza.

 All manufacturing processes of the Portion PadL and Rocker Knife are made in the USA. 

This Portion PadL is 19.5 x 14 inches (including the handle) and is truly lightweight at 3 pounds.

These pizza cutting boards can be custom made for any size you require.
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