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Roller Docker
Roller Docker
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Roller Docker

A roller docker, or pizza dough roller docker, is a pizza tool utensil that looks more like a medieval device with its spiked rolling pin and metal handle.

The pizza dough roller is designed to roll over a flattened dough pricking the surface with evenly spaced holes or punctures to prevent any area of the dough from over rising and causing those large air pocket that tend to burn. In pizza-making, a dough docker is typically used for dough which has been sheeted, or in the case of the homemade pizza one that you have rolled out with a rolling pin to a very thin thickness. The uniform tiny holes prevent the dough from pulling apart and creating a large air pocket when baked. Generally this commercial pizza dough roller is used in the commercial pizzeria resturant because of its speed of use.  This could also be used for the homemade pizza gourment.

This roller docker is designed to prevent bubbling dough that typically burns.  This roller is not only used for pizza dough.  You can use this roller to make crackers and pastries. 

This roller docker is 5 inches long and made of stainless steel for long lasting construction.

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