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Soapstone Pizza Stone
Soapstone pizza stone
Soapstone Pizza Stone
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Cooking your pizza on soapstone is the best way you can cook pizza at home.  Soapstone pizza stone is great for reheating left over pizza.  We use it to finish the pizzas we buy from our local pizzeria.  The natural material cannot be beat.  It will last a long time quaranteed.  You can also use it as a chilling plate.  You can put the soapstone in your freezer and then place cheeses on it to keep them cool.  It is not just for pizza.

Soapstone is a natural mineral with unsurpased thermal properties.  The superior thermal qualities mean you will cut your cooking time by almost half that of ordinary pizza stones.  It cooks your food without ever altering the flavor because soapstone has no taste. 

These soapstone pizza stones are also thicker than others on the market, which means it is able to retain more intense heat longer (and may take longer to heat up too).  As a result, unlike thinner or cheaper pizza stones, it will brown your pizza beautifully while crisping the crust because it is non-porous.  The dough will not soak into this stone but will have a searing effect with what comes into contact with the surface.
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