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Professional Perforated Turning Peel
Professional Perforated Turning Peel
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Professional Perforated Turning Peel

Made in Italy for use by professionally trained pizzaioli (pizza-makers), these starburst turning peels are for the professional as well as the homemade gourmet.  They are created using stainless steel,  are easy to maintain and built to last.  These turning peels are used to maneuver pizzas while they are baking in the oven. With a turning peel such as this one, you can rotate your pizza, move it closer to or away from the heating element, and bring it closer to the oven's opening when it is ready to serve. 

An additional element on these turning peels is the blue polymer grips. It has two places to hold onto the handle for greater maneuverability: one is stationary at the end of the stainless steel handle, and one slides up and down the handle. It is a true art form to watch them in use.

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