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Grilling Pizza Stone
Red Sky Grilling

Transform your grill into an old world pizza oven by using our unique grilling pizza stone. It is specifically designed for a 22 ½” kettle grill but works great on gas grills too. The pizza stone dimensions are 20 1/2" wide x 15 3/4" long x .6" high

You can use our grilling pizza stone to achieve results similar to those from an old-world clay or brick oven. Not only does this uniquely designed pizza stone allow you to harness the intense heat generated by the grill (whether powered by charcoal or gas) create a crispy crust, but allows you to subtly infuse your homemade pizza with natural wood-smoke flavors that only expensive old world style pizza ovens achieve. Pizza never tasted so good.

BestPizzaSupplies.com’s grilling stone is specially manufactured (with patent pending) to withstand temperatures of 2300°F. Our grilling pizza stone is over twice as thick as your standard pizza stone. Our stone is designed not to crack under the extreme heat of a grill, which could reach at its peak 1000°F. This product is not recommended for indoor use or a conventional oven.

Although most stones are made from material that will draw moisture from your pizza’s dough as it cooks, resulting in a crispy, crunchy crust, the grilling pizza stone does this more effectively because it is able to withstand more extreme heat. Not only does it crisp the crust, our stones allow your pizzas to cook long enough without burning so the cheese gets bubbling hot and your toppings are heated through.
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