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Pizza Stone Substitute that Works!

Pizza Stone Substitute that Works!

You can make your own cheap pizza stone.  We have heard that people think a travertine stone can be used as a substitute pizza stone.  We have tested this idea.  And we want to say, it works.  We are not sure if it is completely food save when used as substitute pizza stone.  We are investigating this aspect.  But travertine stone is not glazed and does a nice job retaining heat.  We have used it for the last week.  And found that it works great as a substitute pizza stone.  We created a video demonstrating our use.  The stone takes just 30 minutes to heat up and does retain heat well.  On Saturday we left the stone in our oven and left it on for most of the day (making pizza after pizza) and it did not crack.  It is also easy to clean.  We bought ours at a local tile shop  (Best Tile Buffalo at 2800 Walden Avenue, Cheektowaga, NY 14225) for $8.98 plus tax.  It was in their closeout section.  We do not think that a travertine stone will work well on the grill.  We are going to test that next!  When we bought the stone, the saleperson that assisted me said that customers on occasion come into her store and buy these stones for the purpose of using it as a pizza stone.  I replied, "Oh, Really."  She did say that it probably will not last for long.  Well we are going to see and will let you know . . .

But is it Worth it?

UPDATE:  A week after we made this video, the "pizza stone" cracked.  Although we found this cheap substitute of a pizza stone to work extremely well.  It did not last.  And this is what the salesperson told me when I purchased it.  By way of full disclosure, we did cook our pizzas like we would with a real pizza stone.  We set our oven to the max temperature (550 degrees).  But to reduce the temperature would not yeild the best crust.  And so we say, why bother using a substitute pizza stone.  We guarantee that our pizza stones will not crack.  If they do, we will send you a new one . . . no questions asked.

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