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Turning Pizza Peel


Invest in your own affordable high-quality pizza turning peel.

Wood-burning pizza ovens reach temperatures of 800 degrees F or more.  You must rotate your pizza quickly and safely to not burn your pizza or yourself.  You need a quality turning peel with solid stainless steel construction and a long and lightweight handle that is strong enough to manuever the weight of your pizza. 

Wood Burning Pizza Oven Turning Pizza Peels

A well-designed handle is essential.  This peel's handle is extremely heat-resistant and allows you to effortlessly slide your peel in, out and around the oven smoothly like a pro.  The heavy-duty steel construction means you can maintain optimal pizza oven cooking temperatures.

You u
se the peel to manage directly your hot coals.  When using fuel more efficiently, you will use less but sell more better tasting pizzas, which means you increase your profits and customer base.              
As a professional pizza maker, you need professional pizza-making tools - pizza tools build to last and intended to be used every day, repeatedly. 

The solid head construction has proven to be durable.  Pizza lovers all over the world use this peel to craft award-winning pizza.  When seconds count (on preventing waste as well as increasing revenue), you need a smooth and efficient turning peel to allow you to rotate and move pizzas in and out of the oven.

The perforated model is intended to minimize waste one step further.  With a sunburst pattern, the peel is not only lighter but means you require less cornmeal and will remove more ash from your wood-fired pizzas than the solid head model.  You increase your bottomline when using fewer ingredients to make the same amount of pizza.  You enhance your customer's pizza-eating experience when you are able to remove more ash from the base of your pizzas.
You can also use it to remove breads, crispy sandwiches, or other baked items from the conventional or wood-burning oven.

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